High quality human resources training is a strategic goal of Xuan Hoa

Digital revolution 4.0 with artificial intelligence, interacting with the Internet is strongly influencing the global economy. Manual labor is replaced by automation. Workers need to change in order to adapt to technology, including improving their professional skills, interoperability, and operating skills through machines rather than manual work. Vietnamese enterprises need to change to compete with domestic and foreign enterprises.

According to experts, in the digital era, three quarters of low-skilled workers will be replaced by machines. The Revolution 4.0 is occurring strongly in developed countries, but in Vietnam there is still a certain gap compared to other countries in the world, so Vietnamese enterprises have time to gradually adapt and change. Many Vietnamese enterprises have recognized the importance of high quality human resources, setting a strategic goal in the next five years as training the skills of employees, along with the investment in technology.

High quality human resources training is a strategic goal of Xuan Hoa 1

Short-term training course at Xuan Hoa

With more than 39 years of experience, Xuan Hoa Vietnam Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies that have timely changes to meet the requirements of the market in the Revolution 4.0. In 2016, Xuan Hoa has a strategic cooperation with Mr. Junji Hory, an independent consultant on production management, former director of production management of Toyota Vietnam, applying the process of quality management under Toyota Production System (TPS) of Japan to produce and train staff according to international standards. The TPS process is Toyota’s advanced production management process, which is now being applied on the Toyota global system. Some advanced countries such as the US, France or some Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia have also successfully applied this process.

High quality human resources training is a strategic goal of Xuan Hoa 2

Xuan Hoa cooperates with Mr. Junji Hory – Independent consultant on production management 

TPS helps to produce the best products, in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of capital, by reducing the volume of semi-finished products, reducing the stagnant capital.  According to Mr. Junij Horry, many Vietnamese enterprises are not interested in this issue, leading to the mass production, subjective quality, huge inventory until the problem occurs in the process.

In Vietnam, the TPS process has not been widely applied, Xuan Hoa is one of the few leading enterprises in training personnel, successfully applied this modern production management process. In 2017, the inventory of semi-finished products decreased from 12 billion to 3 billion, the average production time of one order reduced from 12 days to 3.7 days, productivity increased by 20% per year. High quality products, fast delivery time help Xuan Hoa receive satisfaction and trust from customers.

High quality human resources training is a strategic goal of Xuan Hoa 3

Soft skills training class for Managers in Xuan Hoa

According to Mr. Le Duy Anh, General Director of Xuan Hoa Vietnam Joint Stock Company, “Xuan Hoa always attaches great importance to human resource training, because only well-trained personnel, with firmly grasping technology can maximize the efficiency of machinery and equipment, avoid waste, improve product quality and meet market requirements in the context of the forthcoming revolution 4.0.”

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