Period 4.0: Xuan Hoa confidently compete with furniture imported from Europe at home country

The term of backward technology is often mentioned when referring to small and medium enterprises in Vietnam. During the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many enterprises have had difficulties in technology investment and high level human resources in order to respond quickly to market changes. However, according to Mr. Le Duy Anh – General Director of Xuan Hoa Vietnam Joint Stock Company, “Industry 4.0 brings more opportunities for Xuan Hoa instead of challenges. By catching up with production technology and applying advanced operation, Xuan Hoa furniture is confidently competing with European imported furniture.”

Period 4.0: Xuan Hoa confidently compete with furniture imported from Europe at home country 1

As a domestic enterprise with 37 years of experience, Xuan Hoa recognizes that the application of high technology standards in order to produce output according to international standards and make the most of local knowledge will help Vietnamese enterprises maintain their competitive position in domestic market and soon reach the international level. According to Mr. Le Duy Anh, in 2016 and 2017, Xuan Hoa has widely applied technology 3.0 and initially upgraded the system to 4.0. The company has continuously invested tens of billions of VND for the integration of automated machine lines, applying real-time inspection procedures and training staffs for proficiency in applying high technology. From 2016, the quality management process under the TPS model of Japan officially applied in Xuan Hoa by the strategic cooperation with Junnji Hory, independent consultant on TPS production management, Former Director of Production Management of Toyota Vietnam Company.

For many years, Xuan Hoa has been a reliable partner of large enterprises in the furniture industry such as Sweden’s IKEA, Habitat of France, Sankin of Japan, Xuan Hoa’s products meet the high requirements of design and quality of these international markets. In addition, with the ability to meet the high requirements of uniformity of quality and commitment to product completion time, over the past 20 years, Xuan Hoa is a strategic partner, supplying large number of chairs products for Toyota, plated components for Honda.

As a result of the continuous improvement process, in August, 2017, Xuan Hoa officially launched the Future Office furniture after thoroughly researching the trend of office furniture in Vietnam and advanced countries in the world. Future Office can compete with office furniture imported from Europe.

Period 4.0: Xuan Hoa confidently compete with furniture imported from Europe at home country 2

Made on the most advanced technology by a team of experienced engineers, experienced professionals, Future Office product is a new breakthrough of Xuan Hoa, not only because it can produce high-quality, European-style furniture, but also because its cost is suitable for the domestic market. This is a big competitive advantage for Xuan Hoa with other domestic and foreign product lines in the home country.

Period 4.0: Xuan Hoa confidently compete with furniture imported from Europe at home country 3

The three features of the Future Office furniture line is its sophisticated design, high quality materials for high durability and smart features for a comfortable user experience, particularly for office workers, often facing neck pain.

With the Future Office revolving chairs, when working for a long time, users can adjust the headrest, backrest, armrest to the most comfortable position to relax. Chair rest is nano mesh fabric, anti-dirt, waterproof, which helps save time to clean the chair. Soft plastic PU backrest help support the spine of the person sitting. Seat cushion is shaped smoothly, self-resilient to fit the weight of every user. The highlight of the Future Office table series is styling, modern color tone, functional capabilities bringing comfort, contributing to the inspiration for the new working day.

For investing in and applying the most advanced technology that resulted in the launch of the new Future Office product line, Mr. Le Duy Anh said, “Xuan Hoa wants to bring international standard products to Vietnamese consumers in price for the Vietnamese people. We do not need imports from Europe or anywhere and can still use good products according to international standards. By the popular application of technology 4.0 in the long term, Xuan Hoa is striving to reach international standards and to build a modern and determined Vietnamese furniture brand. ”

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